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What's an R1100RT-P worth?


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My son ran accross a 2000 RT-P for sale that he is thinking about buying and he asked me if I knew what they go for. Well, I don't. I'm curious how much people have been paying. It doesnt seem like thay would be worth as much as an RT, given the the way they are used, but on the other hand they seem to very well maintained. I dunno, what do you guys think?

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Depends on useage. BMW NA has sold the "cream of the crop" , 60K, refurbished, for $6-7,000 last year. (2001-2003's) That's throught the dealers. Private or agency sales, whole different deal.


RT-P's are a totaly YMMB type of bike, due to the tremendous variety of useage they've had, as well as the totally differnet ways you can buy it. (stripped, w/ lights, w/o lights, w/ optional equipment, different paints, yada, yada, yada)

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Best way to answer that is probably to do a "completed auctions" search on eBay. They sell RT-P's there regularly, and with the search you will see about 90 days worth of bikes recently sold.



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