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Stripped front fender screw


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Had to replace the speedo drive on the RT and when putting it back together I stripped the L/H screw that goes Wayyyyy back in that deep tiny hole.


I know there are a number of ways of getting stripped screws out but anybody ever done that one. Such a small and deep place...Yikes


BTW...the speedo worked great for exactly 180 miles then went dead again...but that's anouther thread.





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Jerry Johnston

If you haven't snapped the head off you may be able to just wedge some pressure with a screw driver while backing the screw out.

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If it is a hex head screw, then you can take a high speed drill and a sharp bit that is a tad smaller than the screw and drill it out.

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The head snapped off on front fender screw on my '99 R1150RT. There was enough showing that a local BMW Club member, with a machine shop, heated it with a soldering iron, then slowly worked it out with a small pair of vice grips. The interesting thing is that he turned it inward just slightly to break it loose instead of trying to back it out.


He said that if it had broken off even with the fork he would probably have drilled it and used a extractor.

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