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Got the bike inspected this morning

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I'm not always the smartest dude in the house.  When I took the bike in for tires two months ago, I forgot to mention that it needed an inspection due in August.  I wanted to get it done before the FART ride so I took it in to the dealer, Adventure BMW in Chesapeake which is right near my work.


I was pleasantly surprised that they said I could wait for it, so I did.  I had asked a young friend from work to give me a ride back, but since it wasn't needed he was happy to hang around for a few minutes and look at all the nice bikes.


While I was there, one of the local Virginia Beach motorcycle cops came in, I'm guessing for some type of service or part.  He noticed that I had my work badge on which has RN on it and I've always felt there was a certain kinship between cops and nurses.  We struck up a conversation about the bikes.  I asked him if he was riding an RTP and if he liked it.  He told me yes and that he loved it, and was much better than the Harleys they used to ride.  Said that 10 hours in the saddle of one of those made you feel like you had gotten beaten up.  He also mentioned that they were still transitioning over to them, so I guess they still have a few HD's on the road.


His personal ride was a Kawa 1400 Concours that he described as stupid fast.  We talked for a bit more and traded some stories including pulling over a guy in a Slingshot before my bike was done with the inspection.  I'll save that for FART if anybody is interested.  Fingers crossed if I ever get pulled over in Va Bch that it's him and he remembers me...

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