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top fork clamp/bearing removal


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I recently had the misfortune of sliding my beautiful RT down the tarmac. After fixing the more obvious cosmetic and structural damage, I noticed that I could wiggle the handlebars up and down about 1/16". After looking at them more thoroughly it appears the bearing in the top fork clamp is kaput. I'm wondering if anyone else has taken one of these out? Even using a breaker bar, the bolt holding everything together seems stuck. Any thoughts? I don't want to do my normal "haul on it til it breaks" routine if there's an easier way. Thanks in advance...GW

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I'm not certain which bolt/nut you're talking about, but I suspect it has Loctite on it and probably needs to be heated with a heat gun before you can break it loose.


Don't melt the cables and wiring when you do this!



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The RT shop manual I have does indeed say "heat to 120 degrees C. to release. Thanks fer the help. When all else fails... blush.gif

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