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BMW Navigator III


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Okay, it to is soon to be here. Maybe I will be able to have it fitted to my GT before I take delivery. Anyone know a US approved helmet that has bluetooth? Maybe BMW will release the System V with the new GPS here in the US. Anyone looked into this who could point me in the right direction? Would rather find a way to make my new Arai bluetooth w/out messing up the airflow of the helmet!

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ScalaRider makes a BlueTooth headset that fits in helmets. It's designed to work with your BlueTooth-enabled phone. We sell them at our dealership and have had good reports from those who've purchased them.


I don't have enough info on the NavIII to be absolutely certain, but this might be the answer you're looking for.

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Spoke to dealer today. You won't get System 5 over there 'cause some asshole tried multimillion dollar suit as a result of collision in US.dOH! (we can't call them accidents over here, all the assholes are in charge! grin.gif)

As for Garmin III it is apparently the dogs danglies.$20 more than Nav II.No memory card but extra 512k on board. 10,000 waypoint, POI STORAGE.Bluetooth, TFT screen and a couple of other bits i can't remember better than the tom tom equivalent. Hope this helps. thumbsup.gif

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ScalaRider is cool and works well but sticks out of the healmet. Great device for the price and if it will work with the Nav. & phone it may end up being what I'll do.

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I'm stuck wondering if I should get the NavIII or one of it's relatives the 2720 or 2730. confused.gif


The BMW mount has an unfavorable location for the ST (on top of the tank). And I'm gonna get the new Autocomm KIT300 so no BT helmet for me. Might as well get the 27XX.


The 2730 adds the ability to playback MP3s but only about 1GB worth. But the XM music could probably hold me over after those were used up. I'm just not on the bike enough to warrant an XM subscription. Car already has NAV so it would be a little redundant to use the Garmin there. The 2730 also adds a lite version of XM weather (no NEXRAD maps).


Then there's the delima of the traffic offerings. FM based on the NAVIII and 2720 or XM based on the 2730. FM has more cities but XM would have all of the data no matter where I was.


I think I'll buy a paper map.


Oh the huge manatee.

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