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Seat Concepts KTM 690 Enduro R Comfort Xl Seat Review

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Published in: Gear

Seat Concept KTM 690 seat review

I’ve had many experiences with Seat Concepts products in the enduro and racing scene. Their fit, finish and attention to detail have always impressed me. The Comfort Xl seat for the KTM 690 Enduro R is no exception, demonstrating the quality that I’ve become accustomed to. And, the install was quick and easy; turning this bike into a comfortable touring machine.

Seat Concepts makes the front of the seat narrow, retaining the stock 690 width. The high-density foam and incredible gripper cover help to keep the rider in the off-road attack position while the back of the seat is a total of three-inches wider, making those long pavement rides a breeze.

The seat pan is on par with the Austrian factory’s, the only change is the front mount, one simple bolt and collar and it fits like the stock seat. It’s clear that this little company from Idaho spends a lot of time behind bars, are enthusiasts who are dedicated which shows in their attention to detail. The folks at Seat Concepts know how to produce great products for everything from motocross/enduro race bikes to every day adventure and touring bikes.

SeatConcept KTM690 seat review

I’m an aggressive off-road rider and normally dread getting on the highway. Since installing this seat, I’m able to tolerate longer highway legs to visit distant trail systems. After ditching the stock seat (which after an hour felt like sitting on a 2x4) I often find myself simply hopping on the bike and leaving the truck/trailer rig in the driveway!

This seat not only looks great, but it will enhance your on and off-road experience. A definite must for any rider no matter what kind of riding you do.


MSRP: LX—$319.99 (KTM 690 | 2008–2018)


  • Retains stock width upfront to keep the slim feel
  • Wider in the rear to support your rear
  • High density that doesn’t collapse after sitting
  • Gripper cover so you don’t slide back during those power wheelie
  • Looks great, make your bike look like it should be under the tent next to the factory racers


  • On a lot of products, I’d normally say price but it’s like toilet paper you can’t cheap out or you’ll regret it

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