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XM Radio Installation


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I want to listen to XM on my R1150 RT. I have an XM Ski Fi reciever which I use with my cars through the cassette tape adapter but i don't know how to put it on my RT which doesn't have a radio on it. I guess the question is........... how do I make my skifi reciever work on my RT which doesn't have a factory radio?


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You don't need a factory radio on your bike -- the music comes from the satellites (hence, satellite radio...); you DO plug in your cassette adapter and play it through your car stereo for the amplification however, and that's what you'll need to replicate on your bike. As the previous poster mentioned, he uses a Mix-It2 amplifier with earphones. Coincidentally I have a Roady2 and also/coincidentally use a Mix-It2. Best of luck.



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For short length rides,your Myfi has a built in battery,so you just need to mount it and find a good location for the antenna(built in antenna may or may not be effective in your location.Then just get some good noise blocking earphones such a Etymotic ER-6 or 6i,plug them in and use the output level built into the XM as your volume control.


For longer ride use you will need power wired up to the dash or to a tankbag.



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If it's on the left side, you can change channels without taking your hand off the throttle. If it's on the right side you can't, and will either have to wait or reach across with your left.

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Left side or middle of the bike usually means easier access with your left hand while riding. If you have ape-like arms or are extremely quick with your hands then either side works. smile.gif


I like mounting my Roady low and to the left where I can get to it when I want but it's not in my line of sight. Everyone is different, I don't find music distracting while I'm riding but extraneous stuff in my sight lines bug me. YMMV.

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