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Care & Feeding of R12RT


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Hi --


Just finished washing and waxing my RT for the first time. Quick questions to see if anyone has some recommendations...


1. Obviously, I only waxed the painted surfaces. What do you guys recommend for the rest of the tupperware (there's two types -- the semigloss/frosted black parts, and the matte black on the front fender and hear the IP, etc.)???


2. Has anyone had any success waxing the wheels? If not, any products for polishing that you recommend to make it a bit easier for day to day cleaning and protection?


3. The 12RT doesn't have the protective tupperware by the knees as the 1100 and 1150 did. I've already noticed that my knees are starting to scuff the paint a bit. Any novel solutions you have come up with?


Thanks in advance... I'd like to keep her new looking for as long as possible.



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Hi Bob,

I have a Honda Element that, if you've ever seen them, has lots of the rough plastic much like what's on the RT (inner saddle bags for instance). When I first got the Element I wondered about that too and so did some web research. A popular solution was a product called "Wax As You Dry" made by, I believe, Eagle One. I tried some on my non painted sections on the RT last time I washed and it seemed to do a good job. It's made to use immediatly after washing while things are still wet, but I just spray onto a cloth, apply and wipe off. I haven't waxed the wheels yet but I see no reason not to. I used to wax the wheels on the HD and it made cleanup a lot easier. Good luck.

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Go to your local Honda dealer and pick up some of there spray cleaner. While you are there pick up some Plexus.


I use the Honda spray cleaner after a ride to get all the road grime/bugs/goop off. Just use a clean cloth and roll it to a fresh spot as you go. The Honda cleaner works wonderfully for the wheels! Spray on, wipe off, done!


The Plexus I use on the windscreen as it takes care of any swirls/scratches/etc. Plexus was a military use product originally. It was made for use on cockpit canopies.


The Honda cleaner will work fine on both the painted surfaces as well as the matte finishes.


Good Luck! thumbsup.gif

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Keeping a good coat of wax on all your painted surfaces will go a long way to keep your bike looking like new for many years. There are a few members that will even wax the inside of their fairings...really sick puppies, but hey, what ever floats your dingy.


I too notice scuff marks on the paint from my knees within a few days of taking delivery of my RT. There are several paint protective kits you can purchase to protect your your bike. I purchased mine on Ebay. Go to Ebay and type in R1200RT and you'll find a couple of paint protection suppliers.

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I'm testing a new and yet unproven procedure where I try to ride fast, far, and long enough to blow the dirt off.. thumbsup.gif


Fast and Far......did someone steal the Lawman's password???


What did you do with my Billy..... grin.gif



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I just got in some Glare Professional from Ultra 2000. It has a great review on webbikeworld.com and was developed for air craft which is what the RT is (sans wings). It is guaranteed against oil and gas and is suppose to last 5 years. I plan on applying it this weekend and see how it does this summer.


Ride to be born!

Web Bike World review

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Well, I used the "Glare Professional" today, it is raining very hard so a good day to wash and detail. I washed the bike good then dried it in the garage. I followed the directions and after a couple hours I was done. It was easy to apply and remove and I was happy with the finish. The best testimony so far has been from the wife as she walked by coming in from shopping. "Wow, what did you do to it? It looks better than it did brand new." Of course time will tell how well it stands up. So far I give it a big thumbs up! thumbsup.gifclap.gif

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After washing & drying with air or chamois I spray the tupperwear down with Lemon Pledge (Yes the furniture polish) and wipe into the body work with a cotton/flannel rag. It has was in it so water will bead up on it. Plus it smells so good when you go for a ride. Try it and you'll never use wax on/wax off rubbing again eek.gif

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