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Peter Fonda Interview - Mostly Easy Rider / Motorcycles

Indy Dave

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I caught an interview in the car Friday with Peter Fonda. The interview covered (mostly) Easy Rider and the Hell's Angels moves. It was great to hear him articulate the film. He tells some great stories - well worth the listen.


Here's a excerpt:


GROSS: What did you want your motorcycle to look like for the movie?

FONDA: Just what it looked like - all that steel and all that engine between my legs and that red, white and blue and star-spangled gas tank. I thought it was like a huge, phallic symbol, that I'd be riding across the country.

GROSS: And that's the effect you wanted.

FONDA: Exactly




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Now in all these years, I never once thought of the Captain America Bike as a big ..... :classic_blush: :grin: Rest in peace ✌🏻️🇺🇸 Wyatt.

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Fonda touches on several interesting topics - how he was arrested for having the American Flag on his jacket - charged with "desecration of the flag"; riding with McQueen, Brando, etc; and a interesting dialog with his father and his father's attorney's one day when he just showed up at his dads house.

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A few years ago Peter Fonda rode with Norman Reedus to Key West in Reedus' series "Ride With Norman Reedus" that can be found on Amazon Prime (Season 1, Episode 6).  The audio can be a little hard to follow, but it was pretty cool watching Fonda on his bike and the interaction with the various folks they encounter along the way.  Must have been super cool to have ridden with him.

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