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Central Locking Failure


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I have central locking on my 2014 RT that has failed.  It has stopped working completely from either the handlebar switch or the fob.  I don't see that there is a dedicated fuse for this anywhere.   Any ideas where to start?





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I'd take a look where you would plug into your trunk under the rear seat.  There is the big round plug that goes back to the flat plug.  See if that flat plug is disconnected.  That's what feeds the electric servos.


After that, those wires go back to the alarm under the tail of the bike.  Could be that could be disconnected.


If all of those are good, either the alarm quit, or the computer could have disabled it.  Something probably not simple.

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I took it in to the dealer and we jiggled the bags around and it started working again.  Dealer said this is almost always the problem.  I had tried repositioning them a couple of times with no luck.  You just have to be patient and deliberate when you put them back on.


I'm assuming everything else is fine, fuses, etc?

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