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Mounting Touratech 2610 Locking Mount On ZTechnik Platform


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I currently have a Garmin motorcycle mounting kit on my ZTechnik control mount. The platform I'm using has multiple holes drilled in the AMPS configuration (whatever the heck that means, it's apparently some sort of industry standard).


I'd like to switch to a lockable Touratech mount:




However, the Touratech website indicates that this mount is built to be used with a 1/2" mounting bar, and makes no mention of mounting it on a flat platform. I've previously used a Touratech eMap mount and it was a great piece of equipment. The Garmin mount is a little bit of a pain to use, particularly the fact that you have to "lock" it with a little screwdriver-like device. I'd like to use the Touratech mount with my existing platform, but I'm not too wild about spending a lot of additional effort to get it to work with the ZTechnik mount--if it's a major hassle, I'll stick with my current configuration.


Can anyone tell me whether the Touratech mount can be easily adapted to the ZTechnic's flat platform? Or, is there some other simple solution?

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Easily? I dunno. The Touratech mount has U-shaped brackets on the bottom for clamping around the 1/2" bar. If you take the top half of the mount off, you can remove the U-brackets, which leaves you with a flat plate. But then, the bolts that hold the top part of the mount onto the bottom part stick throught the bottom of the flat plate, on the four corners. So if the flat plate that you're mounting to fits within the outline of the four bolts, you're OK. I can't tell from ZTechnic's site how big the mounting plate is, so it's hard to tell.


But then, you also need to be able to adjust the angle of the whole thing, too, which was one of the issues with mounting the Touratech mount on the RCU shelf on my RT - mounted on the flat surface, the viewing angle was all wrong.


I have the Touratech 2610 mount on my F650 right now. Why don't we get your Ztechnic mount and my Touratech mount into close proximity and you can do some brainstorming.

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E.B.--Thanks. It sounds like that's something I can work with. I wasn't sure if it was possible to get the Touratech stripped down to the point where you were left with a flat surface.

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