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R1150RT Tuperware screws.


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I've got two 04 R1150Rt's.  One of them I bought new, it has socket head button screws.  The other I was recently given to me.  I believe that I am the third owner.  It has torx head screws.

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3 hours ago, Keith S said:

Just an FYI if your ordering from Canada there is a $30.00 USD flat rate shipping charge and the kit is approximately $32.00 USD.



OUCH did not realize that was a Canadian site.

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1 hour ago, ltljohn said:

OUCH did not realize that was a Canadian site.

Guess I should have said (ordering from the USA to Canada), sorry about the confusion. It's an American site so as usual shipping to Canada is expensive to the point where it's almost the same price as the parts.

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4 hours ago, kruuuzn said:

Thanks guys.


I found the same part number at Sierra BMW for $27 and free shipping.



Shipping to Canada via Fedex is $14.46 USD so not too bad.

Thanks for the info!

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While I've never seen much traffic mentioning Steve Harris' YouTube video on this site, I'd imagine his personality and perspectives are somewhat controversial. Regardless, he has a video dedicated specifically to the fairing screws. Its a worthwhile watch even if you don't agree with him. I generally find his videos worth watching. They are always entertaining, just sayin'




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On 8/13/2019 at 10:08 PM, Miguel! said:

I generally find his videos worth watching. They are always entertaining, just sayin'



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I find Steve's videos a bit dry and rambling. 


His brother Chris has the earlier better videos if you can get past the angst and constant swearing to get the info you want. 


The latest "new look" vids make me scratch my head and wondering when the tech stuff is going to start up .


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I purchased the Hornig 70020 screw kit and here's a pic of what's included.

Unfortunately there are only (5) flange headed screws (shown on the right) like the ones that came on my '04. And they're not meant as a show screw. They've got lettering engraved in the tops and they're not polished. The rest of them are a smaller polished button head style.

And none of these have the pointed ends.

I don't mind changing from the torx to a hex screw but hate to use the smaller head diameters against the tupperware.

I guess I'll keep searching.



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