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K 1200 GT Oil Leak


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I have a 2006 K1200 GT with only 6500 miles on the clock. It developed an oil leak after ticking over for around 15 minutes. The leak is from the rocker cover left side at the top of the timing chain guide. I took the rocker cover off and fitted a new gasket only to find that the new one leaked in roughly the same place. The oil leak starts exactly the same time as the radiator fan comes on and then drips excessively. Has anyone any experience of this? There seems to be quite a bit of oil and when the engine is reved it appears to come out under pressure. Is there a possibility of a breather being blocked somewhere? Any help would be much appreciated.

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If you can see where it is coming from, it could possibly be a warped valve cover. If you can, put the valve cover on a glass surface to see if there is any warping. Also check the slide rail for the cam chain. I had developed a leak on my 09 K13GT where the slide rail had pushed up on the valve cover and caused a leak by putting pressure on the valve cover.

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I will check the rocker cover in case its warped. Regarding the slide rail, I thought this may have been an issue initially as it protrudes well above the head into the rocker cover void. I put the rocker cover on without the gasket and checked for clearance from the top of the slide to the cover with a feeler gauge. It appeared to be tight and I removed about .01mm from the top to provide a minute amount of clearance . When pushed or pulled the slide moves freely up or down for a small amount but seems to hit against a  solid stop at the extent of both bottom and top movements. The bottom stop prevents it from moving further down into the case. Also, the direction of travel from the chain would seem to be pushing the slide away form the cover? I would be very interested to know what caused your 1300 slide to push up against the cover, is it possible for the slide to move out of place. 

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The rotation of the chain would seem to push the guide rail down instead of up (that's what the mechanic said). The dealer contacted BMWNA and they said to replace the guide rail which did fix the problem.

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