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Ear buds.


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Can somebody recommend a good quality ear bud set that will fit under a helmet? I can get my Iphone ear buds under my tight helmet but just about rip my ears off when I remove it. Bluetooth would be nice but a corded one would work also.

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IMO, the gold standard for helmet-compatible earbuds is the Etymotic ER6i, sadly no longer available from the manufacturer. I have been lucky enough to pick up two sets over the past few years on Ebay. Worth a look. They don't sell cheap.

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I had Big Ear make me a custom set two years ago at the Salt Lake City national rally.  They are quite comfortable (once my ears adapted to them) and they have wonderful sound fidelity.  I did have to remove the speakers in my helmet in order to make room for them.  I wired in a 3.5mm headphone jack to replace the speakers for when my wife is riding with me and I use/need the Bluetooth communication intercom system.  If my wife isn't with me, I plug directly into a Motochello audio bridge I have wired into the Alpine system.  The sound is awesome and I only have the volume level set on the first bar.

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I've been using skullcandy "method" bt earbuds inside my neotec helmet with good results.  Reasonably priced and plenty good hi-fi for me.

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I use a set of  Etymotic ear plugs and then listen via the Sena bluetooth to the built in radio or whatever is on the phone.  Plugs are small enough that they dont get moved by the side of the helmet and only block the loud background noise while still allowing the audio to come through reasonably well.  It's not concert hall quality sound, but it works well enough for me.

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I've tried just about everything and found that custom molds from Arizona Al and Ear Inc. were the most effective.  But, they only last a riding season or two and are quite expensive.  Recently, I've experimented with MEEaudio M6 Pro 2nd Generation Noise-isolating Musician's in-ear Monitors:




What I like about these is that they are modular (you can replace the cord, tips or transducer) whenever one of them fails without having to send them in to the manufacturer, and, they're cheap ($40 a set on Amazon).  They're so inexpensive that I carry an extra set in case anything breaks so I can fix them while I'm on the road.  I'm currently having custom molds made for them which are also modular, but found that the abundance of tips provided gave a good fit and feel, just not as nice as custom plugs.  I'm pretty impressed with them so far.  Oh, and they fit comfortably under a helmet.


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Everybody's ears have a different internal shape. An option to consider, is Fuze earbuds. I've been using them for years now and I'm very satisfied with the quality, and more than satisfied with the price.

You get a kit and make your own custom earbuds. They even send you a "practice" kit so you know what to expect when you do it for real. Takes 15 minutes. The ones I use are are corded, but I believe they offer bluetooth as well.


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13 hours ago, Groanup said:

An option to consider, is Fuze earbuds. I've been using them for years now and I'm very satisfied with the quality, and more than satisfied with the price.


I've used Ear Fuze for about 3 or 4 years. The price point is very good and they work well.  They lack durability (eventually the cord fatigues and starts to loose contact), however, they typically last for around 2 big tours and are affordable to replace.

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