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The 2020 Triumph Thruxton TFC


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34 minutes ago, Marty Hill said:

Pat, you need that bike!:4607:

I only think I need it, Marty! ;) There is a difference, and the doctor with the nice couch is helping me through this. :rofl:

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This is the dream bike that I have always wanted. It keeps getting better and better. I aways had a thing for the Triumph sound. 


Big motor, great suspension/brakes, and (I’m sure) a nice tone. Fun fun fun


Negatives? I couldn’t ride it for long stretches due to the semi clip-ons. I want cast wheels for tubeless ease of repair. I couldn’t tour on it. No dealer in my state. 


But hey, maybe one day I’ll sell all of my guitars...

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I saw one of these at my local dealer a few weeks ago.  I commented that they'd done a nice job customizing it, and was told that it was exactly how it had come from the factory!

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5 hours ago, Rinkydink said:

I couldn’t ride it for long stretches due to the semi clip-ons.


Check out the new Speed Twin.  Pretty much a Thruxton with a sit-up riding position.  


I can't help with your other negatives, though.

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