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RE: Equifax Credit Breach


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Greetings...this might give you some farkle money.  You probably heard about that breach a year or so ago and the recent settlement of $900+Million.  Something like 65% of the public was affected.  I watched a news program that talked about how to get compensated if you were affected.  There are I believe 3 predetermined settlements for you if you were affected.  Finding how if you were affected is super easy.  Go to here and put in the two pieces of data it ask for.



If you are affected it will guide you through how to make your claim.  As I remember it the first one is you document all the time you spent fixing your issue.  You could be awarded $25/hour up to $500 subject to a review team.  I didn't to that.


The second plan is to get 10 years free credit monitoring worth about $1400


The third plan is to accept a 1 time cash payment of $125.  This is for each person SS# in your household that was affected such as you and a spouse.  If you elect this you have to certify you have a credit monitoring service in place for the next 6 months.  About the cheapest plan out there is $10month so the $125 basically is chewed up...….unless...….you pick a free service like Credit Karma.  If you pick a free one, google them for reviews and complaints.  Mostly there is no issue other than to know you will get targeted advertising.


That's it...…...That my PSA for this group.  Hope you find this valuable.  No affiliation...no gain...just info for your amusement.


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