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HID xenon light power source


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I have now read in many posts that several folks have simply powered their HID conversions using the existing headlight wires on their CANBUS BMWs. They also reported no problems with bulb warning lights.


I have also read that while the ongoing power requirements are lower with HID, that the initial start up (1-2 seconds) draw is significantly higher. Has this caused a problem for anyone in the long term?


I would prefer not to run separate wiring if it is not required.

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When HIDs first strike (cold start), they draw about 10 amps momentarily. Pre-CAN BMWs have successfully used existing wiring without problems. But the CANBus system may be different.


Someone with more savvy that I regarding this new system should comment here. Is there a relay controlled by the CAN to carry the headlamp load? If so, existing wiring should be more than adequate for your HIDs.


BTW, how do you like the HIDs? What lamp style are you using? What color HIDs (Kelvin) did you install?

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I fire the relay off the headlamp circuit so that they are switched together, but the power itself goes straight back to the battery. It's so easy to do I have to wonder about the wisdom of adding things to a headlight circuit, particularly since power is now monitored. It's not a good payoff for saving a few minutes. smirk.gif

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You just have the relay in place of the factory bulb (electricly) right? Nothing else. No 'load simulators' aka resitors? If it's that easy then I need to get myself some HID.

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I just remembered that most kits don't have provisoins for a high beam.


The R1200ST uses two H4 (dual element) bulbs. Not sure if the low beam shuts off when the high is on. If it did then the HIDs would go off.

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I plan to put them on a R12RT with dual H7 lights on low beam. The ongoing draw will be about 40% less than the halogen. Still looking for experiences of folks who have done it using existing headlight wiring. I believe that using a relay to switch to battery direct power would trip the bulb failure on the bike. To avoid this, you probably would have to put a resistor in the system. Not as clean a method but I know it would work.

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I was contemplating converting my 1150RT to HIDs and I posted some questions to another BMW list. One guy responded that he had HID's on his 1150 and he used a plug and play kit into the stock wiring (no relay). If my memory is correct he had at that point used it for 40,000 miles without incident.

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I have been trying to get the same questions answered with no luck. I had them on my 03 LT and I want them on my R1200RT as well. Please someone tell us about putting HID's on the RT. If you didn't install them yourself tell us who did so we can call them. Thanks

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I just got a response from a company I found on the internet.


Dear Sir,


Yes, we have some customers with BMW R1200 and they purchased our HID kits with our exclusive "Disabling CAM-bus warning feature" ($80 extra).


The price for 2 H7 HID lights is $399 + $80 for "Disabling CAM-bus warning feature".


Please call us or order online.





Customer Service


Toll Free# (888) 954-4482

Fax# +1 (604) 357-1429

International# +1 (604) 761-9429

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