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A tale of ESA Suspension Replacment Pt. 1

Indy Dave

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About 50,000 miles ago, my 06 RT was in need of a suspension refresh. At the time, the factory ESA shocks were not rebuildable (but I believe there may be a few folks who are doing this now?) and a new set of ESA shocks from BMW would have required a second mortgage. Back then, there were very few choices - one popular direction some folks took was doing away with the ESA all together and going to manual shocks. Ohlins did have a ESA conversion, but they discontinued it (i don't know if they ever brought their ESA on line again or not). Works Performance did a ESA system, so I went with them.



My inital impression with Works was positive. However, after 14 months, the front shock had turned the front of the bike into a pogo stick. Works had a 12 month warranty. Qorks claimed there was a bairly descerable scratch on the shaft that caused the front shock to fail. If you know how well the front shock is protected, you know how unlikely this is. $300+ later, I had the front shock back. I rode the bike very little the next year, so imagine my surprise when 14 months later, I again had a front end wanting to be a pogo stick. ENOUGH!


Wheels and Wings - Wilbers ESA


Wilbers was now doing a ESA conversion and I called Hermann at Wheels and Wings. Time was SHORT, as I had my First Clean Living Hoosiers™ tip coming up quickly! Herman answered all of my questions and assured me he would turn my order around in one day, two at the most once he had the shocks from Germany. This he did and my BIKE WAS TRANSFORMED! :bike::bike::revit:

Now, some 50,000 miles later, they are still going strong, but do need a refresh. And Wilbers has a 5 year warranty.


Could not be happier with Herman and the Wilbers ESA1.


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Ahh, you say! Indy Dave, you r title says Pt1? What, pray tell, is part 2?:5147:  :5146:


Part 2 of this tale is quite a bit more drawn out and it will be unfolded in the Camhead Section, as it involves the replacement of my ESA2 on my 2010 RT that started in . . .  Wait for it......  NOVEMBER of 2019 and has yet to be sorted out. :4331::4607:

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On 7/27/2019 at 3:37 PM, Indy Dave said:

NOVEMBER of 2019 and has yet to be sorted out.

Is this also a tale of time travel? 😉

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HA! :4607:


Maybe that was subliminal thinking on my part, that maybe, JUST MAYBE it would be sorted by then! :4296:

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