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Original RT tool kit.


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Ok, I'm gonna risk looking foolish for asking this, and probably feel MORE foolish when I get an answer, but what the heck are these tools for?



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I believe the one on the right (larger of the two) is an extension to slip over the rear wheel lug nuts for increased torque.



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18 minutes ago, kruuuzn said:

Oh ya! Extension for the lug wrench.

I wonder what the flat end does?


Evening kruuuzn


It should be in your owners manual under  "tools"--

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The Fabricator

Flat end is for more extension by inserting the shock spring adjusting tool handle.  This tool has a 5" long flat handle with a C shaped end to engage the shock spring [your model may not have the shock spring adjustment built onto the shock body].

The tube is a screw driver shaft extension.  One end goes into plastic handle, the screw driver blade goes in the  other end.

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