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Help me tame my new Zumo 595.

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Good Afternoon @JamesK.

You can program a date and a time you want to do the route you created in BaseCamp.

You can do that in BaseCamp or on your GPS.

In BaseCamp, after you create the route, open the properties window for the route, and click on the staring point of the route (the first WayPoint), a symbol for a clock will appear on the right side, click on it and you have the option to enter a Departure date and time. You can also use it to program a stay over time, in case you try to plan a lunch or coffee stop.

On the GPS, go to trip planner, click on your route and then click on the first WayPoint/Starting point. A new screen opens and you can select Departure Time. Click it and it lets you set a date and time when you want to use that route.

With this system, you can program your daily routes. By doing this, it will list the route for that day on the top of the list when you select the Trip Planner.

You may want to check out the New England Riders website for manuals on how to make and use routes, for either Windows or Mac systems.

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