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2016 BMW C650GT DFW TX $7000


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I have only had this  4 months.  I bought it from a Dealer in St. Petersberg and they originally sold it new.  Original Owner added a Corbin Seat (heated) and a Akrapovic exhaust but he did not ride it much (currently has under 2500miles) before he traded it in for a Vanderhall according to the dealer.  I have a Clean TX Title on it in my name.   I bought it to compliment my Street Triple but then had second thoughts on my riding frequency.  Work and the SUV company car is what I drive most of the time and then I still have my personal car so the 2 bikes just were not getting ridden enough.   I found a deal on a 2012 RT with low miles and decided to make that my sole cycle.  Scooter is a great commuter and we rode 2 up on the Hwy at 80mph easily.  If you are getting older and a RT is getting to big or heavy, the C650GT is a good alternative.    I am a new member so I still can't PM so reply if interested and we can figure something out.  I thought I would trade this to dealer but they actually offered me a better deal to trade in the Stripple so that is what I did.  Though I am new here, you can find me at twtex.com under same screen name and been there for like 10 years.



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