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Your opinion Nashville to Little Switzerland

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I put together a ride for a friend and was wondering if anybody more familiar with the area sees a flaw in my planning.

Two bikes, two up and they are probably considered casual riders with some minor touring experience. TIA!





The overnight stops are where I think riders at their experience level would be done for the day IYKWIM.

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You make it sound like they're not very experienced.  Are you sure you want them to ride the Dragon?  I hope they won't be hitting it on a weekend.  And are they up to riding the Dragon both ways and the Cherohala Skyway both ways in the same day?

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I think they'll be fine with the Dragon and the Cherohala, mature riders and all but, the time distance thing had me concerned for them a little. I would think they could be in Highlands well before dark. Early September is their timeframe.

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I don't like to ride through Maryville or 441 through the park.  Just too much traffic for me.  But if they haven't been through the park, I guess its worth doing.


They could turn south in Sparta TN, and take 111, 285, 30, and 39 into Tellico Plains.  Maybe have a later lunch, Cherohala, 129, Wayah and spend the night in Franklin instead of Cherokee?


Maybe the next day take 28 north, Dragon over to Foothills Prkw, Lamar, LIttle River Gorge into Cherokee.  Maybe end up in Maggie Valley for the night?


Possibilities are near endless.  Do route them onto Wayah.

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7 hours ago, greiffster said:

Possibilities are near endless.  Do route them onto Wayah.


Thanks Mike, yes they do seem endless which is a great thing! :thumbsup: Now Wayah, Glenn Reed also spoke very highly of that road but I managed to miss it on my last trip down South. :dopeslap:

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 Pat, if it were me I'd probably try something like this, a little more compact but enough twisties to satisfy almost anyone.


Exit I-40 at Crossville and take 68 to Tellico Plains. Eat, sleep. (disclaimer, haven't ridden that part of 68 just looks like a decent way to get to Tellico). If they're there early ride 68 south to Ducktown and back.

Cherohala to 129, run Deals Gap up to the reservoir and back. Lunch at the dragon, chat with the Po-Po and regulars : ) then maybe a 2nd run (it's America's Nürburgring, takes some practice).

28 to Franklin, or 28 to 74 (south) to Wayah Rd to Franklin (longer but better). Maybe an early dinner at Café Rel in Franklin.

I'd bypass Highlands completely (too much traffic coming and going and everything is pricey).

From Franklin, 28 thru Cullasaja then left on Walnut Creek Rd, then right on N. Norton Rd into Cashiers (2 of the better roads the entire trip).

There are two motels in Cashiers, both nice, clean, and reasonable and several good restaurants, the Cornucopia comes to mind if they didn't eat in Franklin.

107 south just into S.C. left on Wiggington Rd. then left on 130/281, right on 64 and left on 215. (or just take 64 from Cashiers to Toxaway but it's heavily travelled and easy to get stuck behind a conga line of mini vans and construction trucks).

At the Parkway you could just turn right to L.S. or stay on 215 to 276 (decent burger joint at that intersection, Jukebox Junction) then right, back up to the Parkway (it's a worthy detour if they have time). Also there’s a cool little motorcycle only campground on 276 in Cruso worth checking out. For a slightly later lunch, once back up onto the Parkway the Pisgah Inn is a few miles on the right, great view but usually crowded.

Then Parkway to L.S. 




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Thanks for doing that, Bill! :wave:I will run your version by them. Funny, they have no idea they'll be getting a Picasso of moto-routing ;), I'll explain it to them. :thumbsup:

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