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MX Control Tech Seats for KTM

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Published in: Gear


For quite some time, motorcycle seat technology has seen few innovations. Sure, there have been advancements in covers and foam technology mostly concerned with comfort, but, until now, no one I’m aware of thought about making improvements for better bike control.

Welcome to the MX Control Tech Seat. This product’s designer, James Jones, came up with a way of building a seat that allows the rider to lock onto the bike’s center for off-road riding. After several prototypes and countless hours of testing and refining, James arrived at the current offering. And, with help from Corbin Seatsmanufacturing expertise there are now MX Control Seats for 2017 and 2018 KTMs.

MXControlSeat Body900

At first glance, the seat does look a little alien. The Dual-Leg Grip area on both sides of the seat are for gripping with the legs to better facilitate control in various off-road situations while lessening stress on the hands and arms. MX Control Tech also uses a proprietary “Comfort Cell” foam which was developed especially for Corbin and allows the casting in complex shapes. The seat cover material is high quality and customizable when ordering. All are built around the rigid Corbin Fibertech seat pans.

Riding while seated feels normal, but things get interesting when you stand up. It wasn’t that my knees naturally fell into the cut-out, which you’d think would be the case. Instead, they typically fell behind the back bump—perfect for coming into corners hot!

The seat is definitely something you need to spend some time with in order to figure out how to best make it work for your riding style. But I believe MX Control Tech is onto something, and it’s just a matter of convincing more riders to give it a try. Meanwhile, I plan to spend a lot more time with the MX Control Tech Seat during the 2019 riding season.

MSRP: $395



  • Innovative philosophy for seat design
  • High quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Customizing is available


  • Heavy
  • Only available for late model KTMs
  • Hard to convince people to try it

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