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Auxiliary light mounts


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Hi guys,it's been a while since I've been on here life has been keeping me busy,anyway I'm looking for some mounts for my 05 RT so I can put an extra set of lights on.Im not having much luck finding anything for it.



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Try "Jimmy Mounts".  I installed them on my 07 RT. They install under the Mirror brackets. They were sold thru Denver BMW.They make a nice fit and finish.


Happy trails to you.



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Denali makes a number of different mounts for the early RT - fender, brake caliper, engine bar, under mirror - and are available through twistedthrottle.com.  Denali also makes great quality, but not inexpensive, LED auxiliary fog/driving lights.

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DenverWayne, how much were your Jimmy Mounts? I can't find them online and the Denali mounts are a little expensive for my budget at the moment as I'm saving up for a Remus exhaust.

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