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Why we ride. (Not that awful movie)


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A good read.


Everyone has different feelings and thoughts on the subject and this article seems like a good start.


My reasons for riding are constantly evolving and can change from day to day.


Sometimes I ride because parking is easier and sometimes I want to take the long way. 


Other times I want the exhilaration that only acceleration can give me.  


Most of the time I want to remind myself of who I really am, where I have been and why I went there. 


How many days till Fall Torrey? 





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The truth is, you are most alive when you're on the edge. We can build in all kinds of safeties into our riding but what it actually comes down to is, your physical body VS hard things and sudden stops. As strange as that sounds, I think that's what subconsciously gives the rush that we keep coming back to.


Also, at least for me, most of life's issues are put on the back burner while I'm concentrating on riding. And stealing a thought from Fast Eddie Fisher, traveling through the environment exposed to the temps, smells & elements is something I really like. :thumbsup:


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Nice, and I agree with it, but I don't think it would help ease the concerns of significant others, particularly mine.  My wife did ride with me back in the day, but now is too scared of the traffic, trucks on the highways, and distracted drivers; not an unfair reaction to the risks out there.  She knows it is an important part of my life, but still is not thrilled when I head out, whether for a weekend to the mountains or my recent 3 week Westward Ho trip, which she didn't quite understand.  Still, I am glad her concerns are not so extreme that she would consider pressuring me to discontinue.



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I didn't actually read the article before jotting down my thoughts. Now as far as comforting family members about the dangers of riding, well, um, they really don't like me all that much anyway. :rofl: Seriously though, the adults in my life understand the joy I receive from riding motorcycles and have been told that if something were to happen, It was worth the risk to me. Now saying that, it's my duty to be on my game every time I get on the bike. And, there's been days where I've turned the bike around a mile from the house. :dontknow:

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I like to wander aimlessly sometimes, riding makes it that much more enjoyable.  I also like getting into that groove where you are one with the machine and everything just feels right ; no thinking about throttle, shift, break it just happens and your focus in on the road ahead.

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I've been enjoying my acceleration highs and cornering thrills for quite awhile.  While it has never in my 51 years of riding been as dangerous mixing it with the other traffic out there, the risk is still worth the reward with the following statement.  I'm doing my absolute best to mitigate those risks in my favor and not to go down easy at all! 


BTW, I agree with Tewks 100%  :18:

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On 7/7/2019 at 10:00 AM, TEWKS said:

Also, at least for me, most of life's issues are put on the back burner while I'm concentrating on riding





You have no rational choice other than 100% focus on the present. 

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