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Some 4th of Julys are better than others.

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Watch out for that sudden stop:P


The lasts time I went off-road I went a$$ over teakettle too. 

I missed out on the broken body bits though....


Mend proper & fast.  


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Thanks for the good wishes.


Progressive will be here Wed am. See what they have to say. I think the front end damage will make it a total loss

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I agree with Laura! The good news is you have time to heal up and still join us in Ellijay for START! Get better, we're grateful it's the pride that's taken the biggest hit.


Thinking of you buddy.

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Got a pic today of the forks. Could be the drugs talking but the forks look  tweaked to me.



20190705_155014 (1).jpg

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It does look odd, but not a whole lot. Hard to say with the angle of pic and all the other tweaked bits on the bike (lights, mud, fender, etc). 


If they do total and you don’t want to buy it back, maybe let me/us know - I might have some time for a project this summer....

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How goes the healing Bud? Did the insurance folks pay a visit as planned? Get well, it would be good to see you at FART.



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Healing is taking a little longer than I like, but then again old pharts don't heal quickly.


Repair estimates for bike and sidecar are now north of $7,000


Life goes on. Won't be fixed for a while.


Two BMW dealers refused to work on the bike due to their liability insurance policies.


Looks like Hannigan will do repairs to both Hannigan and the bike.


Always an adventure.:thumbsup:

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All's well that ends well.



Sold rig "as is" to a guy in NC.


Calling today to buy this




2012 R 1200 R Classic  10,000 miles

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  • 1 month later...

53 days later I rode again for the first time. Right wrist pretty sore so I only rode for half and hour.


First ride on the R 1200 R I bought last month. Quick, nimble, lots of low end grunt, holds a line. I think I'm going to like this bike.

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