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Any ideas on best price for a PowerLet plug?


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I would like to tap into the bike's power to provide a standard cigarette-style plug for such things as cell phone charger, air compressor, etc. (all for off bike use, perhaps while camping).


I can either go with a build my own concept (basic PowerLet around $8 and add it to a cigarette lighter socket, also around $8 at Ace Hardware) or a pre-built unit (for about $20).


Are these prices good, or has anyone come across a less expenseive way to do this?








Ace part: http://www.acehardware.com/product/index...chId=5591312444


PowerLet plugs: http://www.cyclegadgets.com/Products/product.asp?Item=PLUG

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You are talking $16 vs $20. How much effort is saving another $1 or $2? If the thrill of the chase is what you like go for it, otherwise, I usually get to the point it ain't worth the effort, and what I may end up with may look like poop. Ride safely!

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I believe there was a post here a short while back referencing an RV parts store that had them for a few dollars. Sorry I can't be more specific.



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Eckhard Grohe

SAE two prong connector with a mounting flange for $3.75 vs. $24.95 from powerlet


The powerlet product has a moulded in connector, mounting screws and backup washer as the other has pigtials. Just saying the prices aren't comparable.

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While the price is unknown to me, there was a discussion on this board quite a while ago that reported that you can get power plugs through John Deere tractor stores that match the BMW fitting. Seems kinda fun to me if this is true, and that special J.D. green color should blend nicely with all BMW color schemes! cool.gif


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Thanks for the constructive replys...


For the others, my logic was this:


$16 vs. $20 = a 20% savings.


20% savings on $16,290 = a price of $13,032 (which come to think about it, after incentive program and negotiation, is about what I paid for my new '04).


I see the great oil filter wrench debate all the time, so I did not think this question all that unusual. I see no need to spend more than necessary, nor to buy at vendors not offering the best price (including shipping).


To me, it seems a small effort to search the Net a bit, and to tap into the collective wisdom of this board. For all I know, someone already had solved this problem, or at least would have advice on how to proceed (as evidenced above).


Thanks again,



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