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The Hilleberg Nammatj 2 Tent

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Hilleberg makes great tents and anyone who has used them for even a short time will attest to that. Before we get into the Hilleberg Nammatj 2, let’s put this review into perspective: Early last year, I set off with two friends with a plan to ride the length of South America from Chile to Colombia. The three of us lived out of the a 2 person tent for the better part of 2018, taking on everything from the high-altitude Andes Mountains in Argentina to the Amazon of Peru. We also used the tent for about two months of trekking along with a stint of mountain climbing. Safe to say we gave it a thrashing.

The tent is a tunnel design which makes it very strong in windy conditions and very quick to pitch. We slept a number of nights in Patagonia with extremely high winds. While other tents were disintegrating, the Nammatj 2 didn’t blink an eye. It pitches with the poles going through the fly, so in a storm, you can have it up in minutes and the inner tent won’t get wet at all. Hence, the fly can also be used by itself to as a shelter. As a bonus, the inner tent and fly can remain attached when you pack it up, so they set up at your next destination is quicker.


The tunnel design also means that the walls are steeper, giving you more space inside. On one trek, we had three of us and a dog inside this two-man tent. It’s safe to say that if you’re a party of two, there’s plenty of space. There is only one entrance with a vestibule large enough for a few bags and riding gear. If you want extra space, Hilleberg also makes the tent in a three-man version with the option of extended vestibules for storing more gear in both the two and three-man versions.

Hilleberg has been in the game for more than 45 years and their experience and attention to detail shows. From the design to the manufacturing, everything is well thought-out and made for ease of pitching and strength in nasty weather. Inside there are pockets where you want them and outside the tie-downs are in all the right places. You know that these guys live and breathe tents and have spent considerable time in all of their models, because they’re refined to a “T.”

However, with the built-to-last mentality, bombproof design, and ample space there are a few trade-offs. With the tunnel design, the tent isn’t freestanding so you’re going to have to find some ground soft enough to get the pegs into or something to tie the tent down to.

For some, the downside to the Nammatj 2, and most Hilleberg tents for that matter, will be the weight. This model clocks in at 3 kg, which is pretty hefty when you consider that you can get solid, three-season two-man tents that weigh less than 2 kg. Depending on the bike you’re riding and what you’re planning on doing, this might not be an issue. As we were also doing a fair bit of trekking and some mountaineering, weight was a consideration, although splitting the load amongst the three of us made the weight easier to bear.


Finally, Hilleberg tents come under three labels, yellow, red and black. The black label tents are designed for the toughest expedition conditions in snow, rain, wind and almost anything Mother Nature can conjure up. However, this also means that they don’t vent as well, at least when overloaded with three people. The question of whether the Nammatj 2 is the tent for you ultimately comes down to what you need and what sacrifices you’re willing to make. If you’re looking for a tent that will last forever, withstand pretty much any weather and which has ample space for two people, then it’s the one for you.

MSRP: $845



  • Bombproof
  • Built so well you’ll probably be passing it down to your grandkids
  • Quick and easy to pitch in any conditions, even by yourself


  • It’s a heavy tent
  • Not freestanding, so more difficult to pitch on rocky ground
  • Inside condensation can be an issue

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