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Test Ride: 2020 CSC RX4 450

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Could this be the budget adventure bike we’ve been waiting for? At the relatively inexpensive price of $5,395, the 2020 RX4 offers many standard amenities for a 450cc-sized modern adventure-style motorcycle. Though the quality of the parts may not be up to the standards of its German or Japanese counterparts, can it hold its own in reliability and durability at such a low entry price point?

CSC RX4 06 450The RX4 is manufactured in China by Zongshen under an exclusive arrangement with CSC. Zongshen has become a global entity with true quality control and state-of-the-art manufacturing. And is respected enough to partner with Piaggio, Harley-Davidson, Norton and others to build engines as well as many other components.

Standard with the 450 lb. RX4 are: ABS (note: they’re working on the ability to turn this function off for off-road riding); adjustable touring windscreen; all LED lights; semi adjustable shocks; dual flash hazard lights; and an impressive 300-watt alternator. On the dash are USB and cigarette lighter-style ports, both with all-climate covers. The easy-to-read digital display conveys the engine temp, fuel status, speedometer, trip meter, odometer, and gear indicator. Above the digital display, there’s also an analog tachometer that redlines at 9,000 rpms. And a tiny six-cube cluster of indicators for high beam, turning indicators, neutral and “check engine” lights which are all hard to see in broad daylight. There’s 8.1-inch of ground clearance with a 31.9-inch stock seat height and I can flat foot it. Seat Concepts has partnered with CSC in offering a taller, more comfortable saddle than stock, which I’d not think twice about getting.

CSC RX4 01

With over 30 years in the motorcycle industry, CSC stands behind its product with a two-year, unlimited mile warranty. If something requires warranty work within the first year, both parts and labor are covered. For the second year, CSC covers just the part(s) and you pay the labor or install it yourself using the online tutorials on the CSC website. Steve Seidner, the owner, tells me they stock EVERY spare part for their bikes in their Azusa, California warehouse. And more good news, they’re building a network of CSC-familiar service centers throughout the U.S. If one isn’t near you, then use your favorite mechanic for warranty work. If need be, CSC will overnight parts to you or your mechanic. They also offer an extended warranty for up to four years for an additional fee. All this support is confidence inspiring.

As far as regular maintenance, CSC encourages you to work on your own bike. Not only do they provide a complete shop manual on a USB thumb drive, they have an online library of tutorials showing how to properly maintain the bike. That’s notable and something I wish every manufacturer did. There’s nothing as rewarding as KNOWING how to maintain and repair any issue with your own motorcycle. And since the RX4 appears to be a fairly simple machine, it should be easy enough to master.

The ergos are acceptable for my 5-foot, 11-inch frame. And the footpegs, with removable rubber inserts, are adequately sized for stand-up riding without a need for bar risers. An adjustable windscreen provides good protection at speeds up to 75 mph.

At a rated 60+ mpg with a 5.3-gallon fuel tank, you should get around 300 miles. It’s recommended that you use 91-octane to achieve these results. Incidentally, the fuel gauge tends to be more suggestive than accurate.

CSC RX4 07

Keeping in mind that I rode a preproduction model, the 40 hp with 29 ft.-lb. of torque bike seems a little bit un-refined with occasional lurching when the throttle wasn’t at WOT. Finding neutral required some adaptation, and the bike idled at just under 2,000 rpms, which seemed a bit high. With that said, you need to take into account the price point of this bike and realize its potential as an efficient mode of transportation at such an inexpensive cost of ownership. And keep in mind the array of reasonably-priced factory farkles available.

This bike became available by the end of May/early June 2019. To own a RX4, you put down a refundable $500 deposit to place yourself inline. In addition to the MSRP, there’s $400 fee for freight (from China), assembly and documentation. At the moment there are two color options: Tangerine Pearl and Gun Metal Metallic. The MSRP includes shipping to you and arrives “ready to ride,” with all the fluids including one gallon of fuel. All you have to do is attach the windscreen and mirrors and that’s it. Before CSC ships any bike, they ride it for about five miles to ensure proper functioning. You’ll be responsible for your state’s local taxes and any other fees your state may impose on a typical motorcycle purchase.

The bike comes with a steel skid plate and engine crash bars. CSC offers a plethora of al carte options such as mag tubeless wheels, center stand, grip warmers, hand guards, various panniers, a top box and aux lights… just to name a few. This all adds up as a great intro bike for anyone who wants to start adventure traveling or just needs something inexpensive to get around on.

CSC RX4 05

MSRP: $5,395 plus $400 for freight from China, assembly and documentation fees. In the U.S. shipping to you is free.



  • Great price point
  • Wide selection of accessories
  • Strong direct support and warranty


  • Inaccurate fuel gauge
  • A bit unrefined engine
  • Time will tell on reliability
  • Underlit info cluster

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