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First time passenger?


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What do you brief the first time passenger about?  I took my 14 year old son for a short ride today.  He'd be my first passenger.  I told him to hold on and lean with me and not touch the exhaust.


What else do you tell a new pillion?  I only have one communicator so really no communicator so we'd chat at the stops.  It was a short ride but ever squirm or wiggle I could feel.  


How do you make a good passenger?

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1 hour ago, R65_Steve said:

How do you make a good passenger?


Not being a wise guy here but you need to start with a confident rider. If you're somewhat new or a returning rider, maybe a little more solo time will help. Biggest tip I can give is communication when mounting & dismounting the bike. He steps on the peg when you're not ready and gravity soon takes over.


good luck

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Not offense taken.  


I won't regularly host passengers just was thinking what you're supposed to tell them before boarding the craft.  I took an MSF class years ago and there was a woman taking the class to be abetter passenger on her BF's bike.  She was the worst rider in the class but had a good spirit.  


This made me realize we didn't even have a basic language of what would happen when I shifted for instance.  

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As TEWKS said letting the pilot know before you mount or dismount. All movements nice, slow, and deliberate. They should be able to relax (read trust the pilot) and enjoy the trip. I took my SO on a maiden voyage via country roads to avoid 18 wheelers on the freeway for instance. 


Looking over the shoulder in the direction of the turn alleviates the counter lean problem. Left turn, look over left shoulder etc. 


Trust is is a gradual thing...good luck. 

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To the passenger I say: "Don't try to help me with the turn, just sit upright and look over my inside shoulder. If you ever need to change position, do it slowly and only if (1) we're going faster than you can run, or (2a) we're stopped and (2b) you ask (not tell) me first."

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Ask what their rider experience is on any two wheel machine. What is their biggest concern about being a passenger for the ride.  (In your case it is maybe already understood unless he never told you about his friends E-scooter he roade)


Take a little time to be sure they understand the bike must lean to turn and may seem extreme to them. Hold onto me and follow my upper body. 


Never, ever lean opposite me and the bike...Never!


Describe in detail the mount dismount process you want them to follow and that the process is executed on your instruction. 

Keep your feet on the pegs at all times, even when the bike comes to a full stop.  The only time your feet leave the pegs is on my direction to dismount


Describe major sensation and soinds they will experience.

    The pull off acceleration, the clunk of gears, that it is OK to let your torso lean into me under braking



When I have given a first time passenger ride the ride is short, not more than 30 minutes and at speeds under 50 MPH.  The first part of the ride is at 30 MPH or less which includes, starts, stops, turns including onto a cross street. 


Informal debrief

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