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CB and Autocom


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Anyone having success using a CB with their Autocom?

Autocom told our dealership yesterday they don't recommend it anymore. confused.gif

Rider wants to hook up CB, Sat radio, phone, intercom, and tie in to the R1200 RT stereo/CD.


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I use a Cobra handheld and it works pretty well; the challenge is where and how to mount it; right now I have it sitting in my tank bag but that's not ideal since your body will block 80% of the radio waves. I have a RAM mount that I am going to try up on the handlebars next. The Autocom rep I spoke to before says it will work, but they recommend you don't hard wire the power for the radio to your bike as the interference from the alternator will make it unbearable to use. So handheld, on battery; works fine for me and a couple of friends of mine.

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I have a small Uniden UX-040 which runs on batteries and is plugged into the Autocom. It works fine for receiving signals but I never bother transmitting even though I made my own PTT button that also works fine.

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