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If you need EBC brake pads for your BMW, or Honda too for that matter


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So, the day before yesterday I noticed that the rear brake pads on my Honda were looking a bit thin. It's not like they are going to disappear soon, just that they need to be replaced in the next few months.


I went looking around on the web for EBC pads distributors as well as sufficient information to find pads for my VFR as well as for my R1150GS. The Honda takes the same pads, front and rear. My GS takes different pads front and rear, and EBC changed the rear pad part numbers for the 1100s and some 1150s sometime in the last few years, as the old pads, FA245, are still available in some places.


In the end, I selected "Motorcycle Pro Shop". Their prices were the best, no close seconds. Their shipping price was better than most, and nearly trivial.


Remember, this was two days ago, on a Sunday.


Today I received all seven sets of pads, in three different part numbers, and they didn't even blow my order! What's up with that? I'm beginning to expect internet businesses to send me stuff I didn't order, it's getting that common.


Well, they shipped me exactly what I ordered, at the best price I could find, and in less than two business days. That's pretty darn impressive, if you ask me, which is why you're reading about it here.

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