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Bridgestone T-31 GT user review


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I have run Bridgestone tires on RT's and V STroms for many years. Along with some other brands. The Bridgestone always gave good service at a good price. But I sometimes wondered about getting more miles from a rear tire. I have been in the 6-7,000 mile rear tire range. Not always worn out when they come off, but not good enough to make a trip. Especially now that I don't commute on the bike to eat the last little bit of the tread up. I ran a set of the Dunlop Roadsmart III's last time on this bike. Pretty much the exact same trips were made on them as was done on the T-31's I have now. The Dunlops were the best handling tire I had run on the bike, if you consider handling to mean how they feel and react when leaned over hard. The T-31 is just as good as the Dunlop.....but you must lower the tire air pressure! The T-31 GT has a stiffer sidewall that can feel jittery at 39 psi, but lower that to 35 psi and the feel and feedback are MUCH improved. I have run 35 psi in the front tire since about 1500 miles on it. The rear tire does not seem to care much about pressure, but I did lower pressure in the rear T-31 GT to 39 psi when mounted and that is what I have run the entire time with the exception of one try at 42 psi to see how it felt. The T-31 GT should satisfy anyone in how it handles and puts down power coming out of a turn. I have never had an issue with them in the wet, even when "testing" traction with 2nd gear throttle twists. They give confidence in wet conditions. The new T-31's have a new tread pattern front and rear. And why that is important is that the pattern makes a big difference on the front of RT's in how they wear off to the side, feather, and cup. These are wearing better in that respect than ANY tire I have ever run on any RT. Noise is low. Even when worn you have to really listen for any noise in a straight line, and they don't make much noise in a turn. Noise levels are better than average. I even like the look of the tires better than the predecessors. 


Front tire has 4/32" of tread when new. At 4150 miles it was measured at 3/32", again at 7140 miles where it was still at the 3/32" mark. This is where I am at now and below is the pic of the tire on the bike.


Rear tire comes with 7/32" inch of tread when new. at 4150 miles it was at 5/32". At 7140 it was a solid 3/32" of tread. That won't make the trip to the UN, but there is reason to believe there is 3000+ miles left on this tire! Which would put it at the best wearing rear tire I have run by a large margin. Dropping rear tire pressure to 39 really seemed to slow wear on the Roadsmart III I was running, and I cannot help but think it is a factor with this tire. 


All tread depth measurements are to the tread wear indicator of the tire. 


These tires were about the same price as the RoadSmarts, Angel GT, and some others when I bought them. Now they are back near what I was paying for the T-30 EVO at about $230 a set. Then there can be a rebate if you want to fool with that. On top of the price value, it appears that the front tire is good for two rear tires. Which was NOT the case with the Roadsmart III for instance. 






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I have about 2k on a set I just put on and agree with everything you said. I haven't played with pressures and am currently running 39/41. I really like them and there's no perceptible wear so far. Not bad for about $260 a set installed after the $60 rebate. Best money I've spent on tires in a long time.

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I have just finished up my second set of T31s.  I am getting between 7000-9000 miles on the rears.  The fronts are lasting longer but more like 1.5x the rear.


New T31s are going on today.  I still prefer the dry handling of the RS3 but the T31 GT is much cheaper and very close in performance.  Wish I had bought two sets of T31s this spring.  I had to buy without a rebate this time! 

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I'm up to about 4.5k now and they are just starting to flatten about the center (measuring 5/32s to the wear bar front and rear), same front and rear. Still quiet. Still handle great. Still very happen with them (especially given how much I paid)!

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I just returned from Torrey and have 2222 miles on my current set of T31s installed on Sept 10.  All riding has been two up and all in CO, AZ and Utah.

After mounting, I measured both tires with a caliper at each wear bar and averaged the results.  The Rear tread depth averages 0.219"  The front averages 0.120"    2222 miles later, I have used 0.081" of the rear and 0.032" of the front measuring the same way as on the new tire.  This projects to a life of 6000 miles for the rear and a bit over 8000 miles for the front.


This is far less that I got riding one up through the NE states in July.   The extra weight of a passenger and sharp stones of the western chip seal really cut down the mileage.


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After reading Real Shelby's post I decided to give them a try. Coming off Pirelli Angel GT's I really like the T-31's, not quite as quick handling as the Pirelli's which I like. The Bridgestone's are quiet! The dealer had my front pressure to 42 psi, and all the way home they felt too quick, too light on their feet, so I lowered the front to 34, and the rear to 39. I've got 3,000 miles or so on them, fully tested on big sweepers, and some really tight tough roads. Very happy, and thanks for the write up. 

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Be cautious about the 34 psi in the front. Yes, I like the feel of the tire much better at 35 psi ( I lower mine when at my destination if that involves heavy twisty use!). But I found that as the tire wears the feathering was going to be an issue. So, I run 38-39 psi in mine most of the time. I am at 14,000+ miles on this front and it will last the second rear. 39 psi in the rear seems to wear better than 42 psi. I keep my rear at 39 all the time I am solo. 

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I guess I'm a little confused. I checked the Bridgestone site for tire pressure recommendations and they said to check with the owners manual, which says 36 front, 42 rear. That is what I ran on the Angle GT's. After reading your post I lowered the pressures on the Bridgestone's. I'll stay with 39 rear, and go up to 35 front. I do see cupping on the front, and the front is starting to sing a little.

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35 psi front won't help the cupping. That was where I was when I started seeing it. I like mine at 35, but the cupping will shorten the life of the tire where it won't last two rears. If that is important to you. 

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