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R1200RT paint codes for graphite/silver


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Can anyone help me with the BMW paint codes for the graphite/silver R1200RT?


Dealer has supplied touch-in paint for the graphite colour as 919 Darkgraphit.Met. To my eye this looks rather too dark. Hard to judge though without using it in earnest.


As far as the silver goes, I had thought it was Titansilber.met, as on my R1150RT. But I have heard that they changed the silver on the 1200, so it is apparently now something different.


Advice will be much appreciated.

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What colors is your motorcycle? There is a scheme color (such as 933) that has 2 colors that make up the scheme.

My Dark Graphite/White Alumunium spoiler is a scheme code of 946 with dark Graphite 919 and white Aluminium 955 spoiler.

Check realOEM.com page for the paint codes that apply to your paint scheme. Even gives you the part numbers. Buckster

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Thanks, that's a terrific site. Looks as though the dealer sold me the wrong graphite for my bike though.


Good information!!!!

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