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BMW Venting machine jacket


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Well, here in Oklahoma,at this early date, the temps have already reached the upper 90's. I just hope this is a fluke & not what we are to expect for the summer. So, I finally ordered the venting machine jacket for my wife & myself. I tested it out last Sat. in 98 degree temps behind the faring of my RT and it worked very well. They vented better than any jacket I have had to date, and they seem to be very sturdy. They are at this time,a little stiff, but I'm sure this will get better with time. BMW sizing is still a little weird, so if you want one, I would try one on first. Pam & I went to Ft. Worth BMW to try on the jackets and then ordered them from our local dealer. It only took 4 days for them to come in, and we paid $290. a pc. for them.( + local taxes )

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