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Qestion on R1200ST wiring?


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I was doing some research on wiring a switched relay terminal strip the other day. Ran across a posting from a member who had a picture of a BMW wiring loom that connected at the powerlet socket, and created a pigtail for another socket, without tapping the original wiring. I believe he was wiring up on a GS.


Anyone have the link to that thread as I cannot find it? confused.gif

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Try here. Long thread with lots of info.


I've got some pics of what I did on my R12RT website listed below. I would imagine the ST can't be too different than the RT.

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Thanks, I saw that thread and followed it closely. Lot's of good ideas. Not the one I'm thinking of though. The thread I'm talking about had a picture of a small wiring harness that plugged in between the accessory socket and the wire loom that led to it, with an additional plug coming off for another socket. It had the BMW part number still attached. The part may actually came from a K1200.


Maybe I'll check the parts fiche on the A&S site...

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