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Fun Rider Safety Question


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Found myself following a small bus - the kind used for wheelchair transport.

The bus slowed and turned on right turn signal.

I noticed a car waiting to come out where the bus was turning in.

Which one of the following would you likely do:

  • Speed up and try to get out of the situation quickly.
  • Slow down and prepare to possibly stop.
  • Honk your horn loud and long.
  • Maintain speed - you have a right to be there.

Comments welcome.

Anyone want to guess what the car did?

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Me, if I was following that bus, I'd slow down and wait for the bus to turn in AND for the car to come out (in whichever order that ultimately happens - it's not clear whether the side road/driveway was wide enough for both vehicles simultaneously), on the assumption that the car driver hasn't been able to see me behind the bus.


I'd guess the car pulled out as the bus was slowing, possibly making a left turn.

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You guys got it exactly right.  Well said, both. Go to the head of the class.

Car turned left. I would have hit driver's side if I didn't slow down. Probably didn't see me behind the bus.


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