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Rider Missing


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Not sure if this has already been posted but came across my news feed. What follows is the short version.

Moto journalist Davey Johnson is missing in the Sierras along route 49. Davey has done work for Car and Driver and Motorcyclist magazine. He was riding a Honda CB 1100 from Nevada to to the Coast on a road test for the magazine when he went missing. The Honda was found on its stand, undamaged on the shoulder. His gloves and equipment still in place. His last communication was a text to a friend, a pic of him by a creek. Rescuers can't name the locale in the pic. He also texted his girlfriend at 2am that day that he had a tough ride across the mountains in icy conditions at the high elevations, but was past it and alive and well, outside of the cold. He is a experienced, and knowledgeable long rider, as evidenced by his run over the mountains in tough conditions.

His people advised the police did not take the first report of his missing seriously (common) but are now mobilizing. Having rode 49 and the area lots of things could have happened from a slip and fall to a abduction. If I lived out that way I'd go gear up and ride the area to help. 

Link here. https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/missing-person-davey-g-johnson-missing-in-northern-california/ar-AACAkqe?ocid=spartandhp
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2 hours ago, ESokoloff said:

I suspect a drowning occurred. 

Yeah, it rather looks like he might have gone in for a cooling dip and been swept away by the high current.

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Not good news!


That area is fairly local to me.


All the Sierras watershed rivers,streams are at very high volume in the past several weeks.

We got record snowpack this winter and it has been very hot the past few weeks,so all that snow melting rapidly.

Went up thru Sequoia NP 2 weekends ago,all the entrances with big warning signs to stay away from the streams,rivers.


The stream/river flows are amazing to see,but unfortunately at least several lives lost every year to deceptive water flows,probably and unfortunately more this year.





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