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Fly Butane Jacket Review

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Published in: Gear


It’s out with the old and in with the new. Fly Racing recently released the newest version of their popular entry-level Butane jacket. Fly has become a name in the industry synonymous with all motorsports, including motocross, snowmobile, jet-ski, and street racing. The Butane reflects Flys passion for all of these power sports, in its successful integration of durability, warmth, water resistance, and protection.


Of the several improvements made over the previous version, none is more obvious than the increased ventilation. The Butane has a unique ventilation system that does not rely on multiple small vents across the front of the jacket, but rather one very large mesh panel. This panel is exposed by unzipping the outer layer of the jacket to reveal a vent that runs from top to bottom. The two flaps of fabric which were once secured by the zipper are re-secured by a row of magnets that run parallel to the vent. The process of unzipping the front of the jacket can be done while riding; in fact, I found this easier and safer than wrestling open various vents while riding. To accommodate the volume of air flowing through the jacket, there are several exhaust ports located on the rear which, obviously, cannot be accessed easily while riding.

The Butanes improved ventilation is impressive. However, the sheer versatility of the jacket is what I find most interesting. This jacket can accommodate any type of rider. Street riders will appreciate its slick and aerodynamic design without the large and cumbersome pockets of many adventure jackets. The external pockets on the Butane are discrete and there are internal pockets for personal items. The adventure rider will appreciate its lightweight design, four-season capability with the thermal liner installed, the Aqua-Guard waterproof zippers, and the Hydra-Guard outer fabric for durable waterproofing. Of course, to get four-season riding out of the Butane, a down jacket and base layer will be required. All riders will appreciate the Butanes wide range of adjustability in the waist, arms, and cuffs.

Fitted with CE-certified elbow and shoulder armor and a PE back and spine protector, the Butane will certainly protect your likely impact areas from the unforgiving ground. That said, the Butane can be upgraded with more impact-absorbing armor if the rider chooses. When it comes to reflectivity, the arms feature reflective material, but the back and front do not. This is a minor point, as I avoid night riding as much as possible, but worth noting. If visibility is a priority for you, the Butane is offered in a high-vis coloration, along with several other new color schemes, including camo.

The entry-level price of the Butane is attractive to many first-time jacket buyers and, for a budget-conscious rider, there are few options that would provide better performance in this price range. From daily commutes to grocery store runs, to cross-country tours, the Butane has a lot to offer. This jacket caters to a number of riders’ needs, and I can see it being successfully integrated into any rider’s collection of gear.

 FlyRacingBUTANEDetail Lower Bac900

MSRP: $179.95



  • Extremely comfortable and adjustable
  • High quality and low price
  • Versatile enough for touring to grocery runs


  • Not enough reflective material
  • Armor could be improved

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