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GTA / Ontario Tech Day?


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Does anyone know of an upcoming tech day gathering in Ontario? I'd love to go through a valve adjust and TB sync with someone who's done it before, before I tackle it.


Alternatively, I've got a driveway here if anyone's interested in coming out? Of course, someone who knows how to do this stuff would need to come too smile.gif



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I might be able to help with such an event. Only catch is that I'm in London, vs. GTA. PM me for further details. Maybe you can host the event and I'll volunteer some time to show how to do the basics etc.???

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Well, I definitely don't mind putting together something if we can get some more interested. I've got a BBQ, beer store is about 3 miles away.. lawn chairs for at least 6 or so, more if the neighbors chip in.


So, can we get a few more interested to make it worthwhile?


Bruce - thanks for the offer.. are you BMW wrench?


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Ok.. I'm starting to get pumped ! You guys supply the expertise and BBQ location and I'll bring the brew and munchies.... I know its just a short drive from Montreal..


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