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First impression, Roadtec 01 tire


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Just a few miles on the Metzler so far but here is my highly subjective first impression of Roaftec 01 vs. Michelin pr4gts.

Understand it is highly subjective because it is based on memory from last year when my pr4s were new compared to tires I installed yesterday. 

 I've run the Michelins for years and I've noticed that the initial turn in is very kwik, so much so that I have joked about falling off the Bike. No doubt because my old tires are worn to about 9000 miles and are rather mishapened vs. New. I didnt get the same feeling from the Metzler. Seemed much slower on turn in and when trying to flick the Bike from from side to side aggressively  at various speeds it takes more effort.

Not that it is bad, just different. The ride quality seems more comfortable and i think quieter. Appears to feel vary stable. 

Will know more after this week as i have a track day coming up. 

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Finally have enough miles on the Roadtec 01s to form an opinion as to whether or not I like them. 

I do.

Rode the old bike to Road America for a track day.

I noticed on the ride to track that when encountering grooved pavement they track straight ahead with no tendency to follow the grooves. They were a little more comfortable than the Michelins. 

Very stable and smooth. 


Now for the race track.

Old guy, old bike both heavier than they should be for a race track. 

What fun !

While I couldn't keep up on the straights with the big boys the turns became a bit of an equalizer.  The tires dug in like they were digging a groove in the track. Many comments on how fast bike was in the turns ( good comments ).

I think the comment from our instructor summed it up . " you look like you have a lot of confidence in your tires ". I do.

Have no experience in the rain or on how long they will last, and I'm sure the track day has shortened their life a bit, but so far I am loving them.

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