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Microfiche for R1150RT /03 Part


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Geeezes, I almost burned the bike down.

I was installing the my Roady2, with no problem but when I put the fairings back on and switched on the Hella lights, I saw smoke coming from one of the connectors on the left hand side.

I traced the extent of the burned wire and it looks like it's going down quite some way. I got to somehow jury rig this harness but I need a wiring diagram.


Where do I find computerized Microfiche for the bike.


Thanks for your help.


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I don't know about a microfiche, but the entire maintenance/repair manual is available as an adobe acrobat (.pdf) file via download. I have it but don't remember where I downloaded it. You can find the thread at bmwbmw.org. Or email me and I'll send the file to you (it's 17MB) You'll need acrobat reader (free from adobe.com) to view it. Hope this helps. Jim

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