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curious question about dash lights 1997 1100


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I am a new to me 1100rs 1997 owner.

Never ridden a BMW before. Enjoying everything, doing my upgrades.

Here's the weird part:

The dash lights are interesting.  They are crosses/X figures.  They look strange to me. Are they LED's?  Are they early LED's?  They don't look like incandescent bulbs!!

Not willing to take it apart, to find out.  

Simple question, but my searches have been fruitless



r1100 front R quarter.jpg

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The interesting thing is, you posted a picture of your bike, but NOT THE LIGHTS. It is the lights that this thread is about.

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They are stock.  Seen others.  Your neutral light doesn't form an X, inside the green lens?



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This the dash on my 2003 1150RT. All of the indicator lights show some of the X, but it's most noticeable in the neutral indicator. It's caused by the diamond patterned facets on the back side of the "lens". I replaced my incandescent bulbs with LED; the bulb type doesn't matter, you still get the X.


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That's it!  But, it is just an incandescent bulb back there?  

It looked like solid state, or something.  I was thinking it might be an early LED.



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As I said, I replaced the incandescent bulbs that were in the bike when I bought it with LED. That picture is with the LED bulbs, but obviously you get the X with either kind of bulb. It's due to the facets on the back of the lens.


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