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Service Question


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Later this week I expect to be picking up a clean looking

99 R1100S (No ABS) from a Suzuki dealer. It has 44,000 Km and the engine does not surge. Everything looks good except there is no service history so I must conclude it probably needs some.


What should I get done in order of importance ?



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Change the oil and filter, change trans and rear diff oils, and check the tire and brake pad wear, replace as necessary. Ride the bike for a while and continue to learn from this board about performing your own maintenance. When you have time perform the valve adjustment and synch procedures. When winter returns, do a brake flush. This should get you through the summer!

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I would Err on the side of caution and assume that it is well overdue for a major service.


I would:

Change the oil and filter

Check/replace the air filter

Change the final drive and transmission oil

Change the alternator belt

Adjust the valves

Sync the throttle bodies

flush/bleed the brakes

I seem to recall that the S has a hydraulic clutch. If so, flush/bleed the clutch as well.

Change the fuel filter


That should get the bike to a known-good condition so you don't have to worry about stuff that hasn't been done.


If you're in a rush, I'd change the oil/filter, trans oil, final drive oil, and check/adjust the valves. I'd also inspect the brake fluid and if it looks like it needs a change, go ahead and flush while you're in there.

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