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What are the red and yellow LEDs on the dash of my R1150-RT Police?


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This is embarrassing...

I have a 2002 R1150-RT Police bike.  There are two LEDs that don't look factory stock on the dash above the speedo and tach.  The left one is red, the right one is yellow.  The yellow one came on today after the bike was running.  It is on its center stand.  The seat is not on the motorcycle (getting redone).  Tire pressure is way low I'm sure.  I thought it would be a quick google search but to no avail.  This might be specific to California/CHP.  Nothing was ticking or seemed like it was about to explode.

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According to the attached the LEDs indicate which emergency lights are activated.  If the light is coming on and you are not activating any switches you may have a wiring problem.  I just disassembled my 02 RTP to wrap as much of the wiring harness as I could with Friction tape.  The vinyl tube that normally protected the wires was disintegrating.

02CHP%20Strobe%20Lights.pdf 04CHPLED.pdf

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You're awesome.  My mind was _loosely_ headed in that direction since there are so many switches whose function bewilders me at the moment.

Of course I'm dying to know where that diagram content came from if that is something you would be willing to share.  Send a PM if you like or we can exchange emails.

Thank you so much.  The RTP rules.  It's reliable and strong like a nice Ford truck that's much faster and better looking.  Started on the second crank after months of sitting (don't be mad at me please).  I had an r100gs years ago and new to this guy.  I love it.  Kids wave at me.  I can't wait to really start wrenching on it.  That's my true addiction.

Why not try for 0xdeadbeef as your handle? Commoners would still be able to remember it... :)


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Now I'm taking moron to a new level.  I was on that site many times but was "too smart" to use the search box.  Thanks for including the link.  Much appreciated.

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