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GPX to Google maps with Directions?

Indy Dave

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Well - we're gearing up for another annual Clean Living Hoosiers Trip of a Lifetime and Yours Truly will be the route-master for the first (and probably last) time. The CLH are a casual and spartan bunch - meaning only one of the 6 has a Garmin (Indy Scott and his Triumph Trophy). In the past, GS Joe has done routing in google and sent me his maps, where I re-created the routes in Base Camp and kept us on track.  All this to say, I can show a GPX route in Google Maps and share it with the lads, but it just shows the route, meaning it does not give directions.


Does anyone know of a way to convert a GPX route into a navigable :90:  route in Google Maps?

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Not really sure.  I've exported a few .kml files and imported them into Google maps.  It does create all the the points and tracks.  But the track is just a line.  I don't think it is navigable and I'm not sure how or if Google maps can recalculate into something useful in Google.

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Thanks Mike. That's been my experience. I spent a couple hours searching today, if it was doable, I'm pretty sure I would have stumbled upon it.


NTW - congrats on the throttle body change out! Impressive!

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There are a couple apps that can take your gpx file and map it in Google maps, waze, apple maps, etc.  

On an iPhone, GPX Viewer and POIViewer are what I use.  Both are free.

On an android, I believe they have a version of GPX Viewer and perhaps other things.  



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Before my Westward Ho trek, I created the original routing on Google Maps because that was easier.  I found a way to convert to GPX, but it included hundreds of waypoint dots that I had to go in to delete, so I eventually used the Google Maps as a reference and created them on Basecamp.  I recall also reading during this process that Google has set up additional barriers to make a conversion easy.

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