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1150 RS handle bar options


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Hello to all!

I purchased last summer a 2002 1150rs, I love the bike, getting used to the riding position, I’ve put about 1k mi on it so far.

 I’ve noticed through some research that earlier models came with a more adjustable style of the clip on handle bars.

  Would those fit my ‘02?, also mine has the heated grips. I’ve considered bar-backs, but really don’t want to change up that much just yet.

 Thank you!

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Good Morning,


I haven't researched any 'clip-on' type bars for an RT but think that changing out the entire bar set would be way more trouble than simply installing bar backs.  You would have to remove both grips, all switches and wiring to move it over to the new bars.  You may also have to re-route cables and wiring as well.  With bar backs there is no necessity to change anything other than installing the bar backs themselves.  I would also be concerned with the possibility of damaging something during the install. Heated grips are notoriously finicky.  Having repaired a faulty grip on my RT, I have first-hand experience with this.  It's not pretty...


Just my 2cts worth...



Just noticed that you meant RS, not RT.  However, same advise may apply.

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mistook rs for rt
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