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Continental Unveils New Tires - ContiTrailAttack 3 and Contiscoot

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Continental is set to continue producing spectacular innovations for motorcycle tires in 2019 and will unveil its third generation of on/off-road tires, the ContiTrailAttack 3, at the EICMA international motorcycle show in Milan at the beginning of November. The versatile ContiScoot, which is suitable for both large and small scooters and which has been completely redeveloped from the ground up, will also roll onto the podium. And as if that were not enough, Continental has also expanded its range of “rubber-free” inner tubes for motorcycles and scooter tires.

contitrailattack3 product picture900BODY

An abundance of impressive innovations makes the ContiTrailAttack 3 a true all-rounder for adventuring and for everyday use. It offers remarkable agility, which it is able to achieve following an extremely short warm-up run of no more than 1500 meters to reach its optimum operating temperature. In addition, the new Continental Adventurer masters off-road and asphalt routes just as easily as it does varying road conditions, from bone dry to completely saturated.

Thanks to the smooth interaction of the three cornerstones caused by Continental´s MutiGrip-Technology with extra abrasion-resistant center section, balanced carcass construction and the special profile design, the ContiTrailAttack 3 becomes a faithful friend with consistently reliable properties throughout its entire lifetime: Superior agility, precise handling, high comfort and sensitive feedback are the result of this extraordinarily effective Continental technology.

The excellent pedigree of the ContiScoot is also clear. With its rich DNA, passed down through its motorcycle family, this premium scooter tire offers impressive and safe handling in wet conditions: ContiScoot inherited its tread pattern from the ContiRoadAttack 3 test winner. The scooter tire combines this with a special rubber compound to ensure excellent water expulsion.

As a result, the ContiScoot offers lively handling and excellent maneuverability around the concrete jungle, while also ensuring the greatest possible comfort. Its impressive service life also makes it a trusty companion with properties that remain reliable, even during long journeys through the country.

contiscoot product picture900BODY

Continental is penning a whole new chapter in the history of motorcycle inner tubes and is significantly expanding its range. The 2019 generation of inner tubes is manufactured using butyl, a synthetic rubber that makes the inner tubes lighter, thinner and permanently airtight. All Continental inner tubes are supplied with a valve remover under their dust cap for good measure.

An inner tube with a rim diameter of 16 to 21 inches is available for road bikes, and an 18 to 21 inch heavy-duty version is available for motocross bikes. The range also includes inner tubes measuring between 8 and 13 inches for scooters and between 16 and 22 inches for mopeds and light motorcycles.



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I put a set of Continental Trail Attack 3s on my GSA on 3/30/19 and after 2,500 miles can say that I like them!   Have ridden on dirt and gravel roads and in the mountains in rain and have great confidence in the tires.

I got a good price on them at J&P Cycles online and a Continental $60 Visa Card rebate on the tires.  Rebate goes through June 30th, 2019. Check it out here: Continental Tire Rebates:18:

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ed may

After 3 generations of Pilots cupping on me, I went to Continental.  Their car tires are second to none.  I put the Road Attack 3 tires on my "06" last week.  First ride about 45 minutes, plenty of twisties, first impression is amazing.  It is unbelievable the difference between worn tires and new.  Especially transition, into turns is effortless and completely smooth.  I will check back after a few hundred more miles.  As far as pressure goes,  I'll run40 rear 36 front.  

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