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rt windshield


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2004 r1150rt 25k--as i requested the windshield to lower, i thought it hesitated but due to buffeting was not sure. two days later it stopped working due to a blown 15a fuse. i replaced the fuse and all seems well. it has been my experience that a blown fue is the harbinger of bad things to come. QUESTION---is the electrical system for the winshield (switches and motor) a weak spot??

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I don't believe it to be a "weak spot," but if it does go, it's a PITA. It's hard to get at, and it's expensive to replace. The fuse on my 96 R1100RT has gone once, but other than that, I haven't had any problems with the windshield. I do know a few that have, I think Pilgrim did a windscreen motor replacement once if I recall correctly.

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