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2003 K1200GT Fuel Leak


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So I've got one, and I've got one.  The collective wisdom of Youtube seems to suggest to look at the fuel line quick disconnects.  I took the fairing off and the disconnects are plastic, but instead of the quick disconnect button I'd expect to see there's sort of an orange metal sleeve covering the junction.  Not sure if that's going to be easy to take off, so my plan is to use hose clamps and try to remove the entire piece and replace them with the beemer boneyard metal replacements (which also come with a small O ring...I'm assuming that goes on one of the ends that makes the junction).


Anything else I should look at while I'm in there?

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The connectors from Beemer Boneyard already have o-rings installed on the male ends - you can see them in the pic if you look closely. The others are extra - some recommend changing the o-rings each time you disconnect the connectors as the o-rings can be nicked and lead to leaks. 


I’ve put those on several bikes - no leaks yet. 



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